Wednesday, November 30, 2011

let's happy together!!

back to saturday, november 26th '2011.
1st day of weekend yang memang ditunggu2 sgt!!
my mommy said,she wud like to spend this whole 3 days weekend with his beloved cute brother n sweet sista!! ahah! so do i!! jgn tinggalkan daddy kalau nak bersuka ria wahai isteriku yang tercinta..hihi.

after 2 years they left us, n get back to kuching...last week they came here n spend a week n 2 days with us here in kl. sgt best sgt best n sgt best!!

so plan day 1,
aku dan mommy dah plan...we wana having lunch together...wer is it? hartz chicken buffet at sunway pyramid! berkat voucher groupon, hihi...alhamdulillah..sume happy n kenyang. byk gambar nk attached, but still yet to upload n edit..maybe soon. ya soon...

before we start the day

once arrived

love love love!!

danish got better shirt than me?hihi

bg boy at the back!n the rest of us!

complimentary photoshoot..nice!!

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