Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy happy happy!

happy 7th anniversary month my littleman!!
Nur Danish Aniq b Hadzizi Noor
nasib baik tahun ni ade 29 hb..hihi

makin besar makin manja
dah ade lagu sendiri "kap kap udang"
n then ask nek mom to sing it for u my dear...
rite after that u will show ur hand...
ur right hand will "genggam bukak genggam"
sangat comel!

so i guess, ur route to 7th months
brings a lot of new things and happiness!

have a nice day sayang!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mama Papa fullfill our promishhh!

haha!omos 7 months waiting ye sayang,
n last saturday, Nur Danish Aniq got his 1st swimming session!!
yay!!Danish now dah wiming2!!

mama yang sangat excited,
after last friday's ofis hour,we went stret to sunway pyramid to buy all the needfull equipment for Danish!
ape lagi?lets buy pelampung and swimsuit for my littleman!!

n finally, we got it!
let us look at Danish 1st experience swimming wit mama n papa!

ok Danish, hope u like it!
ur dream come true!

It's real!!

when he's sleeping...

Things that i missed in Kuching...

ya,its omos 3 weex since i left kuching. untuk kesekian kalinya aku balik ke tanah halaman keluarga mertua, tapi tak pernah sekali pun aku merasa terasing dan berbeza bila bersama mereka. bahasa? ya aku mengaku aku belum fasih berbahasa sarawak, tapi aku akui jugak aku dah mula membiasakan diri utk bercakap, samada dalam bahasa virtual atau nyata. (bahasa virtual ye tak, utk twitter, fb ngn message fon). tapi klu bercakap psl pemahaman, dah lame aku faham. hihi!

all those pictures inside my fon, i think its not cool without sharing with u guys. satu lg, ia satu kepuasan utk diri sendiri jgk,  tgk gamba2 sendiri n family. ahaks! maybe some of u feels that there's nothing special on it, but for me..any captions that taken, esp with the people we loved, that is the most valuable thing that i can n i will appreciate.setuju?tak?its ok...hihi.

ok, the things that i missed in kuching...make it things as a general la ye,it can be people, environment, foods,haha, n ya...everything..

let the pictures continues the remain of this entry.

danish yg asyik berjalan-jalan!

some of local faveret dishes!

locat fruits collection!

only in serian!!

ranchan waterfall in serian!

green scene!

jambatan gantung!!

family dinner at topspot!

family breakfast before take off!

seconds before saying gudbye...

till we meet again soooon! love u'all!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From condo to bungalow

since last week i've been twitted about #immoving (i'm moving).its quite a lot of self words how to manage myself to accept the fact, that i am really really really have to go from previous place.which place?from where to where?

honestly, if i wanna talk about moving from my rent house to my own house, it will be much different. of coz n no doubt it will makes me feel sooooo overwhelmed and excited.but i believe the moment will come,i believe and i trust myself, insyaAllah.

in this case, again, within 2 years, i'd moved to new workplace 3 times. in 2010, from 15th floor to 8th floor. and then, in june 2011, from 8th to 15th again. n last friday (17 feb 2012), from 15th, now i'd moved to 21st floor. the highest floor so far since i'v been here in menara matrade.

wa,hebat ni,designers desk punye ni,not me!!

like my big boss said, from a condo to a very big bungalow. its a mix feeling, while we were in condo, its such a nice place, even its quite small but honestly it is easier to manage. but now, its been 2 days we r officially operated in this bungalow..ya its big, but the scenary and the environment has changed.

for me personally, i already miss my previous cubicle, n i donno when i able to get back that such of big and comfortable and privacy place..seriously i donno when, but i know option rather than just?i have to get a promotion!!haha!! (hr,is there any internal interview to be held soon?pls).

what ever it is,movement,change,new place,new thing,its all about how u adapt and make it as a thing that motivate, not demotivate. always believe that any change is to make things better.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vaca de Kuching

last week...
seminggu bercuti kt kuching...
while aku yang pulang ke kampung halaman mertua tersayang..
mama pulak pulang ke kampung halaman ayahanda dan bonda tercinta..
n baby?pulang ke kampung halaman nekmom n nekpap ter ter..ter ape lagi ye..
same je citenye,saje buat kategori..

alhamdulillah,plan yang dh dibuat since last 3 months lagi..berjaya akhirnya.
n paling puas hati..
this time balik kuching with MAS, which is biasenye dpt naik mas masa balik raya
tapi alhamdulillah,rezki kami sekeluarga..dapat peluang lebih sikit.
so to danish,he's yet to fly with other airline so far..terselamat?ahakz!

before take off...biaselah..
packing packing n packing..
'hobi' terbaru aku dan isteri...
bagasi tak usah cerita,mcm tak slesa je klu bwk sikit or cukup2..

so bfore bercerita dgn lebih lanjut psl percutian kali ni?
kte mulakan dlu snapshot before take off n within the trip..hihi


ni dia,warm up dlu b4 fly

aha!my pwincezz n littleman with
Red devil's kit!!

we love UNITED!!

hihi..Danish got his own sit!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mini picnic?!

on the same day, february 1st '2012...
its oso the moment to remember for the rest of my family n frenzz..
esp to mommy Kila, wife to my bestfren, Amin...
we were celebrating her birthday!!! yay!!
very exciting!happening!
the concept?picnic party! (party la sangat,sounds wild!!haha)

venue,taman tasik perdana.
nice place guyzz, serius.
another 1st time for me..ya being here...
the environment is very clean n fresh...
suitable for family's gathering, destress urself and doin recreation activity
such as jogging, kids playing at d playground..etc..
and of coz!! picnic!!haha!

ok,lets the captionzz tell the rest of my story...

danish makan dlu ye sume...

the scene...

the participants!!tgk la yg paling comel tu!

baby to watch!haha

they will unveil their very 1st album, 3 suara jr.

kesayangan papa ni!

here come the birthday mommy!!

meal of the day!mama's lasagna!yummyy!!

haha!!suke baby tu ha!

we'r flyiiiinggg!!


final moment...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally,I'm here!!

after 28 years, which is of coz its not a short period
there're many places i've been gone
a lot of experiences that i've been earned from all those jouneys
but yet to come here...
i do not shame to admit, that finally, i am here
to witness one of the most historic and epic monument in my beloved country
here i am, tugu negara


ini buktinya!!haha!

priceless moment!

ya! february 1st 2012,tarikh keramat!

mama, bonda nadi n danish!

klulah payung itu bendera
nescaya ia lebih bermakna
hihi..kiding pwincezz!!