Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From condo to bungalow

since last week i've been twitted about #immoving (i'm moving).its quite a lot of self words how to manage myself to accept the fact, that i am really really really have to go from previous place.which place?from where to where?

honestly, if i wanna talk about moving from my rent house to my own house, it will be much different. of coz n no doubt it will makes me feel sooooo overwhelmed and excited.but i believe the moment will come,i believe and i trust myself, insyaAllah.

in this case, again, within 2 years, i'd moved to new workplace 3 times. in 2010, from 15th floor to 8th floor. and then, in june 2011, from 8th to 15th again. n last friday (17 feb 2012), from 15th, now i'd moved to 21st floor. the highest floor so far since i'v been here in menara matrade.

wa,hebat ni,designers desk punye ni,not me!!

like my big boss said, from a condo to a very big bungalow. its a mix feeling, while we were in condo, its such a nice place, even its quite small but honestly it is easier to manage. but now, its been 2 days we r officially operated in this bungalow..ya its big, but the scenary and the environment has changed.

for me personally, i already miss my previous cubicle, n i donno when i able to get back that such of big and comfortable and privacy place..seriously i donno when, but i know how..no option rather than just?i have to get a promotion!!haha!! (hr,is there any internal interview to be held soon?pls).

what ever it is,movement,change,new place,new thing,its all about how u adapt and make it as a thing that motivate, not demotivate. always believe that any change is to make things better.

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Nadi'Nadiah said...

ada rezki tu... bersabarlah~ Dia saje yg mengetahui rahsia alam.