Monday, September 24, 2012

Sabtu Day Out!

as mentioned in the previous entry, i am looking forward for my big weekend!! what is sooooo big?? what is sooooo excited bout it?? its ok...

back to last saturday...what really happened? as usual, my littleman Danish woke up early in the morning and he owes felt that everyday is a school day for he didnt told me but ya? i can read his mind..hehe...

ok? evendo its a weekend for mama n papa? Danish will owes being an alarm clock to us... "maaa!!!paaaa!!!" thats him!!thats the way he woke us up!! ok ok ok...mama papa bangun ni..hihi..

ok, Danish said he is hungry...papa oso feel the same..mama what to do??mama cook a breakfast!!what do we have for today??

lihat muka danish yg kelaparan?cannot see my face coz
i'm the one who took this picture!hehe

burrp...alhamdulillah...kenyang sudah..thanks mama for the breakfast! thanks papa sbb grgkan nugget!! ececeh...skali skala...we have fried bihun, chicken nuggets (brand marina, the best la!!try it now!), n mama's signature sambal kicap!

next? Danish wanna get shower! time weekend ni la nk mandikan baby la kan, 5 days a week teacher2 kt taska yg mandikan mama papa rebut2 ler! rite after that, papa n mama get his cloth and make him ready for jalan2!!lets take a look what we have for him??

MUhomekit!! laa..owang nk jalan2, dia tido plak??

ha..woke up so early kan? ni lah dia..sleep lagi..hehe... anyway, while he's sleeping, mama n papa blh get ready plak...yeay!! sleep tite sayang!

ok, everyone are ready to roll out!!! where to?? yezzaa...lunch! note: the duration within breakfast n lunch is actually quite long ya..hihi..

what do we have here..hmm..grilled chicken chop,
mix platter, cheesey chicken chop..yummy!!

the actual names for every each dishes tu saya tak ingat...but thats the most familiar name that i can recall..haha! the venue was at the "big brother's restaurant & grill, the strand, kota damansara".name tempat ni pun ingat sebab dah browse mama's status in fb, thanks mama..ya our 1st time here, n for me? its recommended!

next? proceed jalan2!!!

ni lah dia klu kuar bertiga, xde org ke4 nk amik gambar..
tq cermin!!

our next stop is in jalan tar. saje jalan2, window2 shopping...there's a lot of 'windows' to be shopped! ahaks! dah biasa dah...kan mama? yang ptg kami?? happyy!! alhamdulillah...but today, we do have a mission to be accomplished! what is it? hihi...cant wait n now??

Danish wit his new hair cut!!

thanks to abang barber next to Bak's tailor..kerana sabar dengan karenah my littleman ni..mudah2an after this rambut Danish tumbuh rata ye? insyaAllah...omella tu!! orang jauh tgk dia ni makin rindu dibuatnye..nekmom nekpap, mamawan atuk..sabar ye..owes visit my blog then u will owes 'meet' ur beloved grandson!!

ok, i thinks thats all for Sabtu Day Out!! alhamdulillah, everything was fine..syukur sgt..thanks mama & Danish, u made me feel complete!!

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