Thursday, January 26, 2012

How is it??


So how is it guyz??ur holiday?ya holiday?how is it??ok tak?r u having fun?
Me? u ask me? if u ask me!! yeah!!
Alhamdulillah...syukur, everything's fine..simple,none of those days was empty...
ade je program, ade je aktiviti...very gud..
Thanks to my family coz made it perfect.
Even some of them wasn't there to be with me n the rest..
I believe there're also had  a great time with the other side.
Ok, cant wait for another holiday!!


ZSqueenbee said...

yeahhh great holiday...lps ni holiday mmgu atu lgi kita FLY....yihuuuu...cant wait papa...

Galuh Cendra Kirana said...

hepp!! adettttttttttt! tatak dah folo lamer dah laaaaaaa!! uwaaaaaaaaaa!!! cer tengok cer tengok tatak antara yang terawal folo blog adet tauuu.. gamba fomfuan pakai sunglasses B)

wahida said...

seronok dah jadi papa ni kan?