Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kisah Tutti Frutti yg belum ada penghujungnya...

ya, i kno n i believe this kind of tutti frutti is just like a seasonal 'taste n flavour' for us, who really like smthing lite n healthy?this is the one that u cant refuse to choose.seasonal?so what?have it now!!go to many choices of outlets around klang valley n oso ur nearest place.u wont regret n of coz,rase sekali,pasti nak lagi!!!haha.

just wanna share tutti frutti's moments with u guyzz!!

tutti tutti with my family!!live in senawang!!

just a preview scene..

that green cup owes be our choice!

very obvious!peminat setia!!

pls..u can have urs..

danish said,mamawan,i want it too!!

ha,yg ni kt publika!!

its ours!

like i said,love green cup!

haha!!ni peneman setia ye..mmuahh!

ok guyz,lets tutti frutti!!it sooo yummieee!!

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