Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to October...Welcome November

dah tak ingat ble last time i posted my previous entry...i think but last 2 weex kan?its ok..what can i say is, october is such a loooong month for me personally. dengan kerja hakiki yang sangat banyak dan mase yang sangat tight..tapi alhamdulillah...i thought i've been through it wisely, berkat sokongan colleagues and my family.

november 2012...
selamat datang..and i believe, there's a lot of things to do onwards. cume aku mengharapkan masa2 yang akan datang adalah lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya...insyaAllah..

ok, since we gonna say goodbye to mr october..let us layan gambar2 yg 'tertinggal' di saat2 akhir sebelum 'pemergian'nya... jom!

my 1st black tie dinner invitation!!

with my boss!!he's cooooll!!

guest of honour..

stage of fame...mmvb award @ hilton

with my beloved & respective colleagues!

we are the men!!

the card #gala dinner @tpoconference

with my lovely sis!! bowling time!!!

lovely people behind it...

lets throw it!!!

finale!! who's the winner?? far ni je yg smpat diedit..
byk lagi yg tertinggal...nt ade upload lagi ye!!

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