Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday Bash & Iftar Bersama Nur Danish Aniq!

 Tajuk agak panjang dan jelas serta...sempurna..hehe.steady

Mylittleman has safely turn to 2 years old back to July 29th' 2013. Just like previous year, it fell in the month of Ramadhan, the most special month from among others.

Mylittleman membesar dengan sihat, evendo 2 bulan sebelum tu dia kena demam chicken pox, n it's quite heavy jgak, anak papa tetap strong and bangun semula, cergas seperti biasa.

Mylittleman skang dah makin aktif nk belajar bercakap, anythings that come from our mouth, cepat sungguh dia tangkap..so mama papa n sume2, be careful ya when u gonna talk something in front of him ya..hehe..

There're a lot of other things that shows his positive development. And more obviously, anak papa dah makin manja n really know how to attract attention from his mama n papa..n to others jugak..my mom dah cakap, danish nak ade adek kot..ooook..mudah2an in shaa Allah..

Lets take a look what we have for Danish birthday bash...

Date | July 27' 2013
Place | Bougainvilla Apartment, Bukit Prima Pelangi

alhamdulillah...part of the dishes..

papa mama with birthday boy...

cut off the rainbow cake...

rainbow cake...credit to Mizah's Bake for this lovely creation

sing it everybody!!

haha this one is soooo cute!

blow it baby!

yay!!!lets open it!

which one first..hmm

my queens...love u both!

tadaaa!! cars & shirts!

tetamu istimewa kami mlm tu..my boss & family..
thanks for coming!

my brothers & sista! NOOR alive!!

they're part of me

this is another part of me

my payung..my littleman..my son..my everything
happy 2nd birthday sayang
terus membesar dgn sihat..be good..
makin bijak..
i love u sooo much!
Nur Danish Aniq

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