Friday, September 27, 2013

Warna warni...

i think this is the final post about past aidiliftri. nothing much just wanna put and share all shots that has been taken during the eid moments...

so colourful, i love all of it! it is no filter... every each moment have their own story and again...let those pictures tell  the rest...

tema yellow!

we r yellowish

mama n mommy!

suke tgk gambar2 natural cmni

anak papa makan ape tu?

hello my big bro! bird

i love u mama

her faveret pose

now red theme!


hello baby..pocoyo outfit

my little family

at ila's house

mommy ila mama..



kek lapis...beautiful!

baby babyku

they mingle n play themselves

baby with jubah..


hey there!!

baby wit h&m
papa wit uniqlo top

abg n adek

endless love...

my loves...

what r u doing??!

love them all

we're covered by h&m uniqlo..steady..poyoss!!

lay back..


lekak bejarah.. (selepas berziarah)

i'm in!

smurfy wit songkok

sleepy while playing

lovely babies...mmuahhh

wwaaa!!banyaknye gambar??hahaha..
tu yg ade kecik besar kecik besar tu..nak save space post ni..hihi..
ok thats all forks..again, there's nothing to show n nothing to proof instead of just wanna share the happiness with u guys..hihi..

till then, have a good weekend ahead...

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