Monday, October 14, 2013

Mama make up...

my wife can make up..hihi..
dia suke make up, instead of just doing for herself which is absolutely she knows how to make it done, my wife kadang2 make up utk other person far, pelanggan tetap dia is our sister in law..hihi..

bukan untuk bisnes pun, just suka2...she said, as long as org suke care dia make up, tu pun dah ckup..the acceptance tu penting katenye...ya well said..

since gambar2 ni dah ade, let me share her latest touch that she's been done for my sil back to 2 weeks ago...masa tu my brother n sister ni jadi emcee utk their cuzie's wedding in shah alam..both of them look sooo gud in red..hihi..ok, lets take a look..

in progress..

thats my sister n brother..


final touch...

here we go!my wife's touch

the reds portrait

once done...

kami merah jugeee...

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