Monday, May 30, 2011

My Family Day!! -1st session-

ok! here all the captionzz that i've mentioned before! aha!
photographers? ramai...sume org dh jadi photographers!
adek, abang, kaklin, pwincezz mata bulat, aku...but most of it adek is the one who catch the captionzz!

like this one..all shots were taken on our 1st session of 2 days family day!! terbaeek!
venue? Port Dickson... the actual plan is? kami nak picnic2 tepi pantai, but then, bile sampai je sane, hujan le...huhu..

so we decided to proceed to plan B!
what is it?
kami check-in hotel dulu...

1st session : Celebrate birthday adek..his 18th!
Venue : Golden Straits Villa, PD 

my maksu wit baby Aufa...

here the birthday cake!

the scene before the session started

birthday boy!!

kami mau cake!

doa lead by my bro Idzwan

amin ya rabbal 'alamin...

our meals!! tq chefs!

my cutest sister eva!

that's me!! n my wife!!

baby Aydin with aunty ainun..

catch this!

so,1st session..just dalam hotel! plan B yang berjaya..hihi..
ok, gud start!
end of session 1...more to come!


ZSqueenbee said...

yay!! dh ade cte baru..i miss bce ur blog hubby..muahhh..byk cte nk kongsi kn..i noe hubby bz..tyt ya!!

ZZnoor said...

yay!! tak byk cite pun sayang...gamba je yg byk! haha... bz...onwards..lagi bz..huaaa!!!