Thursday, April 19, 2012

Special timeline...

i admit...
i've taken too much time to share bout this..
the 1st person who i wana apologise beloved wife sorry ye sayang...
but i believe u owes understand my situation kan..hihi...mmuahh

start from this entry onwards
it is all bout my wife birthday's celebration

where we were began
how everythings started

when it comes to her birthday
we've already celebrated a week before,hihi..
ye mean..within a week tu..
we hang out together...n of coz, this time it become more special
coz both of us already have special gift from Allah..
Nur Danish makin meriah ler birthday mama tahun ni..

misi jalan2 mencari hadiah mama pun bermula..
we started with Pavilion as our 1st place to stop..
ok, lets check what she got for her present??

date | m a r c h 2 4 | 2 0 1 2
venue | p a v i l l i o n

wa..charles & keith! her 1st present!

same pose difrent angle

stil in pavi, danish in d house!

cucah cikit nk dpt gamba danish senyum..hihi

so done 1st day for mama's birthday celebration..
more to come!

1 comment:

ZSqueenbee said...

sayang suka handbag tu...sgt gojes..tankz papa..My 1st gift..dr dlu til now Hadiah sebelum hari lahir hadiah selepas n on the day..hebat!!