Thursday, April 19, 2012

Special voucher

another new idea how to make this year celebration more exciting!!
what is it??suppose to be, this idea came up before i bought her 1st present.
tapi, this idea suddenly ade...n then,i ask her? how is it?
then she said, why not?? kan kan kan...

so we've proceed with this new idea...
yep,never done before this n i think its such a gud gud gud thing!

what is it actually????

she have a special vouchers for her birthday!!
not only 1, but 2!!

this is envolope for voucher no.1!

voucher no.1, mama can pick anything that she like!!

envelope for voucher no.2!!

voucher no.2, papa will pick what i like for mama!!

so,ape lah agaknye hadiah yg mama akan pilih...
dan ape lah agaknye hadiah yg aku akn pilih utk mama...
let us check next entry!!

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