Wednesday, December 14, 2011

nervous vs rilex?

when i talk about malam matrade, every year reminds me at something that can makes me..ah!!i dont want do it again n again! lebih kurang camtula..hihi..then what is it??

mm xpela, just forget bout it.
so this year, i decided to choose a safe way...just stay at office n waiting until the big moment come. aha!thanks to my best buddy, amin yang sudi setia bersama menemani aku di ofis.

so, jump to other scenes, ya...the scenes below is all talk about how we as a performer handle the nervousness. but honestly?everyone of them seems cool calm n confident. good good! lets motivate ourself to bring n give the best!!

aizad spoke pride!!

el-vidozz in the scene! (lil bros of el-divo,haha)

the tenores n sol bass!
my best buddy, amin bass!

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