Friday, December 23, 2011

still in recap mode!

part TWO | iCity!!
 ceh,mentang2 iCity warna-warni,tajuk pun nak warna-warni?hihi

we made our 1st trail here

baju bertemakan colours of iCity?hihi

mama & along yg sgt like buat selfshot!


menuju ke tempat yg lebih colorful!!

mama papa wit mamawan & atuk!

love the lights!

so beautiful!!

meet my sleepy littleman..shhyy

again,family portrait!

nicer n nicer!

my 2 heroz!

the u mama..

this gathering n iCity visit is like a symbolic for us to make this celebration n family trip more exciting!thanks to my family of coz, for this moments n opportunity to  be in one place at one time. really gratefull to have all of u in my life. syukur padaMu ya Allah. jazakallah.

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