Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On my table!

masa dah makin hampir!
alhamdulillah, as mentioned before, honestly? i'm glad that i can handle my nervousness, so do my frenzz! souns poyo, ahaks! hihi..

before everything started (tak jugak stat dr td..haha), just drop by to my wife's table..hihi..she luk sooo gorgeous. she said, this year...we wanna make it simple, ya..simple but alhamdulillah...stil beautiful kan salah satu care gak nk handle nervous..hihi..

the most important thing is? once i start my performance, my 'inspiration' is look at me, hihi..n of coz my wife!!

i presenting, mama zarith sofia!!mmuahh..lovely!

me with my wife n best buddies!!

from my table...

the symbolic!

we loook sooo oranje..hihi

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