Friday, July 8, 2011

1st dinner

date June 24th '2011
location Saloma Theatre Restaurant

on d way to the venue...

smile! sy yg diraikan!

cultural show during dinner...

our selected dishes!

gi mane2 pun, satay juga kami cari!

senyum kenyang?hihi nampak pwincezz

kenyit2 mata ye..nk ngurat sy la tu?

waiter, tlg amik gambar kami ye..

diorg yg offer amik gambar, while us the one who

depan sume dh blk mase ni..hihi


NM02 said...

best tak makan kat situ?

ZZnoor said...

bhgian ala carte..i'm not sure
tp bhg
not recommended sis...but the place?sgt cantek..

ZSqueenbee said...

tmpt ni mmg cntik..sesuai tuk bcinta gak tp mknan out ckit tp ttp puas hati..price okla reasonable..

ZZnoor said...

sgt cantik kan sayang...gud choice for fotography!!