Friday, July 8, 2011

Part 3, wit my BFFs!!

date June 26th '2011
venue Garden @Curve
this shots taken before n during dinner...

my banner bro!
1000 thanks to mommy & pian!

my supporterzz!!

my soul soul soul partner!

in front of 'me'!

lovely shot...

we r here!!

like us? hihi...may happiness wil owes b wit u guyz...

tasty tasty tasty...

my dish!

pwincezz's meal!

sing it for me...

my lavender

want a piece?


MrS JaJa said...

Oh my..i starterd to cry..i will miss all of u all..

ZSqueenbee said...

huhu..sayang miss jaja..lps ni xde geng kita hubby nk tgk wyg..

banner tu sayang wat khas tuk hubby..suke??