Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Count on you...

step back and sit down. lay down my head n my eyes keep open...suddenly feels like how hard it will be when the times come. the time to separate the current moments and the upcoming one.

if one of it is less good than the other one, its easier to make the choice...but if?? both of is good n really really good. how does it take??

it will be more complicated if we dig the situation deeper. the fact is we already know the reality we had to be faced. as i said, both is really regret to left the one behind...but uumm..its all about love.

2 months away..n today...i have to bring them back to the other love. its hard to take...but again, never sad n never regret to left them behind for another love that able to give us the same love.

peace ya'll!

breakfast b4 saying goodbye

their love...

is specially for us..

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