Saturday, October 22, 2011

My daddy...

64 years to date...
time goes by, and the moment is finally here
still remember when he taught me and others about life
he's firm, educated, gifted, soft spoken, handsome...hihi..

everybody love him..
based on the way he show himself to the world
people love him the way he talked
the way he worked...his appearance
look charming all the time

to his beloved family...
very much to say
to summarise 64 years of his life not that easy
and never intend to write it up
coz i'm worried the story will never be the same with the no no

he's loving...caring...have the ability to lead our ship...
our family doubt about that
honestly its hard to be in his shoes
responsibility, to his family and his career
i swear he is very glad happy n proud for what he had done

to my daddy...Hj Shahidan Mokhtar..
happy birthday...
its ur 64th...
alhamdulillah...setiap ape yang berlaku dengan kuasamu dan kuasaNya
gg sebagai anak amat bersyukur dan gembira kerana menjadi sebahagian daripadanya.
suke untuk gg ulang semula kate2 ini..
terima kasih kerana telah, sedang dan akan terus menjadi insan dan ayah yang buat kami semua.
may Allah bless u...
i love daddy

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