Thursday, March 7, 2013

Competency Gaps Analysis

agak serius tajuk hari ni... something on my desk this morning
its quite official i think..
i can see my name, post, unit and division on it

rate the staff competencies based on the following scales.

wa?ade scales ma! rate it, 1 - 5, which one ya?
there's 3 items to be scaled, n i dont want to jot it here...
panjang plak citenye nanti...

i believe all staff here in menara have and received this kind of paper
the appraisal will come from 2 views,
one from ourself
another view will be coming from ur supervisor

ok, just look at urself, ya look at myself
if u think u r good, just rate it good
but honestly, its not that ez...

try it now!
fill in the in blank...

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