Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stop at Nandos!

ya, i know she felt so exhausted sometime..
ya, every time while we were on our way back home after working
"pa..nak makan ape mlm ni?"
ya, that's the usual question...

but yesterday..its sounds differently...
"pa, blh tak mama rest cook hari ni?" yeah..steady!

"ok mama, blh...but what n where we gonna have our dinner then?"
wanna have something light, katenye...
sbb malam sebelum tu dah makan berat

n then, ale2...we decided to go here...
one of our favourite actually...
african taste!!

mama's all time favourite
1/4 chicken with 2 reg sides

danish's all time favourite, mineral water..hehe

my 2nd best after espetada..
chicken pita with 1 reg side...nyaman gak!

thanks Allah atas limpahan rezki ni.
moga dimurahkan, dipermudahkan dan diluaskan lagi lps shaa Allah.

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