Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flashback : Awana's moment!

last but not least..
its finale edition Day 2 : lovely portraits

me in triplet!

take position  please!!

ok start!!

lay in my arm, hold my hand...n u never fall

stare each other...

i wanna hug u until d end of my life

bring me wit u...

u like a rainbow!!

owes be my family
bond it like our breath...can't live without them

our love is ongoing n growing every each day

"Our anniversary means a lot,
Much more than any another day;
I celebrate my love for you,
And cherish you in every way.
Through passing time, our love still grows,
A caring relationship to explore;
Our life together gets better and better,
And I keep on loving you more and more."


ZSqueenbee said...

everytime tgk pic² honeymoon kita sayang rse mahu nanes..teringt mse bersama mum pap n adek²..sgt indah saat² kita bersama..anyway, tankz 4 everythng...

ZZnoor said...

yang penting,kita hargai setiap saat bersama mereka sayang...we didnt waste anything..