Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a farewell

It's been 8 days since I moved from my previous division. for me, this transition period is quite more personal rather than I looked at my career development. huh! of course the most important thing here is how i wanna improve my work but i do believe that everythings that involve in 'new things' will take a lot of times for us to make use of it.

dalam masa2 tu, my old colleagues has took this opportunity for them to do something that i expected, haha! perasan!! but ya, its true...maybe its just a trend...buat farewell among us once ade yang resign, dapat keje baru, ya pindah unit akan ade lah majlis kecik2 untuk meraikan or menghargai sumbangan seseorang tu...hihi.

on June 2nd, i had my 1st farewell gathering. seperti biasa, mcm dulu2 jugak, hihi...organised by my best colleague so far while i'm here in matrade..SEF team. ya, even it just a simple thing, mini gathering...but it's meaningful for me. ya, a lot!

ha,ni la orgnye yg same name dgn my member!

d rest of my team...there're amazing!
esp yg kanan skali, she's my sista!

laughing at d final seconds?but not gudbye...

my last words..

our portrait...
haha!! i love apple!

for me!!

their words...

i do promise with myself, please dont take this as a gloomy thing...hargai diri sendiri dengan semangat dan kata2 yang positif dan meransang semangat org lain. ya Allah, tapi aku insan biasa. (tak perlu dipanjangkan lagi saat2 yang seterusnya..).

on June 7th, another farewell crowd organised by my previous division. kali ni, satu division berkumpul, tapi?? bukan utk aku sorang je, no utk celebrate person for the whole division that taking  part of unit transition, n also celebrating for those who born around april until june! aha! dah nampak 'masa depan' aku!

i'm expecting of...hihi...cube teka? ye! betul! expecting utk dapat 2 hadiah...wic is 1 untuk hadiah farewell, 1 lagi utk birthday! dapat ke dapat ke?

alhamdulillah...dapat dapat...

in short words, i wanna say thanks, esp for my the whole team for this occasions..sangat sangat bermakna untuk aku in personally. i remember this words...u have to bring a gud repo (reputation) to make any other person around us to respect u...but how? respect others, and then the respectation from others will come to u...

thanks to all for  this enjoyment. may Allah bless all of u.


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