Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback : Goodies,Portrait,End

ok, its finale edition
pose pose pose!!
goodie bags presentation...
and alhamdulillah...majlis selesai..
so, tanggal 3 Jun 2011, akan terus diingati..
untuk little man daddy...
i'll show this proof to u soon..
that daddy, mommy, n sume2lah...
once u open ur eyes...
u will recognise who is the significant person around us..

kawan2 kesayangan mommy!!

who is stronger??

little man's angles?
tersipu2 malu ye..

stil have a guys here...

goodies for all!!
tq for coming gud fren n neighbour..faizal

goodies for all!! my family!

1 comment:

ZSqueenbee said...

waaaa conoknyeee..great moment to remember..♥ sgt² diz time..enjoy n happening..tankz tuk semua kengkawan kecayangan kita..

so sweettt...