Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flashback : Have fun together!!

still in same category..its my anniversary!!
2nd edition?? with my beloved family!
Day 1 : ongoing, playing crazee stuff!!

@ the entrance

mom n mommy in action!

'appetizer'? lets spin!!

walawe! spinnerrr!!!

me with adek2 kesayanganku!

mom pap try their luck?

we r the lead stars!! wan,aku,ee,adek!

the best! spiderman!

peace bro!

3 laughs!

noor in action!

haha! space shot!! ya, omos there to 'catch' space!

walk to remember?

pit stop @ stairs

another pit stop!

man of the match? EE! coward less!


ZSqueenbee said...

GREAT MOMENT!! cant 4get!! sukeee tgk semua family bergumbira..kecian kt pap lps nek kapal tu trs trse mual..pucat gilew muka pap kn hubby..harap semua enjoy!! kopak jugak jenjalan kt cni..hihi

ZZnoor said...

stil terbayang lagi wajah pap yang pucat tu..huhu..xmo dah bagi dia main2 kt situ...s long s pap n mom dh ade pun ok!kan sayang?satu lagi, comel jek pap bwk beg dia, bag matrade lagi tu! best best!