Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Invisible in Mihas

ya, its a fact...which is, this year be 2 years in throt. bukan kerana sengaja, tapi kerana urusan2 peribadi yang tersangatlah pentingnya. being invisible in Mihas is quite something that hard to take. hihi...sound serious...but ya, this the 2nd largest exhibition organise by Matrade...people said, 2nd largest, but it is the most exciting exhibit rather than others.

because of what? mihas is an exhibition that invited all the malaysian companies that involved in halal food industries n services, assemble in one place, display n promote all their products to be expanded into international market! pegh! great rite!

when we talk about halal, about terms of professional site, they will look at how to create new networking, how to export their products abroad...ya...its gud, its all bout economics growth. aha! but on our site, which is not toooo serious n let us look in simple way...there's a lot of halal foods..a lot of freeee sampless of other words, boleh makan free!!! hihi..thats all.

during the exhibition, we have a chance to look at new n existing products in domestic market, which is we r able to get in cheaper price rather than actual market. its a gud offer that everybody cant miss, but the point is? we have to be here.

just like 4 years before, begin at 2008 until 2010, mihas was held here in matrade. but this year, they decided to organise at klcc.

ok, get back to 'invisible'. why i am invisible? last year, i'm on leave for my wedding...n now, this year...i'l be in kuching again, for my brother's wedding. hihi.. assume this, as a faith. hihi. its been 2 years, my wife & i didnt have a chance to be part of mihas, but we do have another important things to be part of. so to my frenzz, please visit this mihas exhibit, dont miss this chance!

i wanna share 2009's caption, during my mihas visit with my family & fiancee (mase tu le..hihi).


wardah said...

tahun ni jauh pula nak kena pergi kan.tak syiuoook!

ZZnoor said...

awk yg kt jln duta ni pun dh terasa jauh, sy apetah lg, kt kuching!! hihi...