Friday, April 15, 2011

The time has come...

final version of 12th april 2011
venue kuching international airport

7 days...i've been here in kuching. a lot a lot n a lot special n happening momentz i had with my beloved pwincezz, baby, mom pap, n family..huhu, its quite sad to leave them..again. dont ask me how do i feel, do ask my pwincezz...if i am sad, she must be reallllyyy sad. huhu. thats the fact, times moving, whene there's a beginning..n it must be have the ending.

we'll depart to kl at 635 pm, and regret to know that our flite delayed until 4 hours. watta? but its ok, another new experience. mmm...anyway, this is the final version of recap! thanks Allah for all these moments. its priceless. alhamdulillah...

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