Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tomorrow onwards...

alhamdulillah...couple of hours yang lepas, i think i used my time wisely. nothing waste, is it? hihi...its impossible for perfect, but work is in gud progress. while tweet tweet stay on live update, together with 'Aku Ada' that always visible n available for me to notes anything in my head rite now.

so, what's in my head?
tomorrow onwards, i'll be in kuching, for my brother in law's wedding. insyaAllah, i will depart at 845pm using firefly, ur community airline...hihi. last nite, my wife & i  already packed all the stuffz that we need to bring, as usual, we do have a problem how to bring less stuffz, hihi...but in de end, its all about comfortabilty, in terms of choosing anything in my bag, rather than...oo yang ni xleh pkai dlu, takut esk xde baju...hihi.

i'll take annual leave for 4 days, starting tomorrow until next tuesday. within this 4 days, ya of coz i will miss several things, especially my works, my kpsl class...(its only one, thank god). syukur jugak bcoz my boss approved my leave..hihi. thats the best part when the reason is..saya mau balik kuching...flite tiket dah tempah. hihi.. no la, i hava a gud boss, who is always understand her subordinate's situations. gud gud, thanks boss.

my assumption?
no other words can describe once i wanna talk bout living in kuching, just smile, happy, delicious meals (haha), n be a very manja son in law to my mom n pap (jgn jeles ye pwincezz..). n then, just 2 days away...we will celebrate abg boy's wedding wit her selected future soulmate sista yanty!! mesti best n meriah gilerrr!! hope everything will going smoothly...insyaAllah...

ya...i wanna keep smile...pwincezz...little man...jom balik, kte jumpe nek mom & nek pap..

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