Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Emergency call!!!

July 26th '2011
I sit in front of my pc, doing my work as usual...buzy?? not bad...ya quite bz but honestly? i'm thinking bout something that more important rather than anything!!

my fon rang! its not a call..but its a message..from who?? wife??bla bla bla bla...
ha? ask confirmation from my mom..bla bla bla bla..
ook...i have to move! serius?? ya serius.

this emergency call i've been expecting from the 1st day i stepped here in KL 2 days ago..huhu. it just, i'm not expecting it will be sooo early? hihi..kuasa Allah.

go home! pack my things! off to kl sentral...take ERL..28 minutes to klia...den go to the ticket sales counter. from MAS, den firefly...n last air asia.. flite awk kul 9.55 mlm, harga tiket rm235 ke kuching one way ya.. pegh?? nasib baik ade...alhamdulillah. (selamba tiket firefly lagi mahal drpd mas on that day!)

for air asia, i have to go to lcct..from klia, i'm using bus n waiting for the time to depart..tgk jam..ok, byk masa lagi. but i do hop i ain't late.

wa..such a amazing experience for me..within one day? naik kete, ERL, bus, n den naik BELON! pegh...hebat hebat! leh masuk dlm my personal track record. ahakz! hihi...

tp utk ape ni sume??
sbb sbb sbb..isteri sy mau bersalin!!!
cepat cepat balik kuching!!

i wanna flyyyy!!!

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