Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tag Team

sama tapi tak serupa.hihi..ya..this is me wit my beloved bro..faidz noor. hihi. hw r u doing bro? seems like everything is fine ait?ya..we r die hard fan of manchester united n our hobby is quite similar..what else when its come to men like football football n i think thats it! just wanna drop by here n let evrybody knows that i really love my brother..and he is one of my other bro?"theta wat?theta theta we r rapping theta theta..wo wo wo booommm!!!" u didnt get it..ya..only me n my bro knows it.thats why he is my tag team partner. chow!
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1 comment:

faidznoor. said...

thnks for awesome tremendous post bro! love you too!mmuah!