Thursday, September 2, 2010

New season..alredy started

mm...already started ha. its 3 games has been played this season, but yet I didn't jot down anything for the most favourable football team in the world! Manchester United Football Club. aha!! glory glory man united!! new season, new kit, new aim, new revenge, new members!

2 wins (berba & scholes stole the moments so far!), 1 draw (silly draw,huhu), and there's a loooong way to go. The blues have shown their determination to defence the title, but please ya bro..pls pls n pls..bear in mind, in BPL, any teams is a contender! 

this is my team!! good luck guyzz!

as usual, our focus must be on the big 4s! but i'm confuse for a while, whos d big 4 actually?? MU (absolutely, no question ya), Chelsea (mourinho's era change everything), Arsenal (wenger still find his 1st big medal since henry's era)...this 3 places confirmed, but d 4th? hihi...Liverpool?Man City?Spurs? show ur proof der to get d spot!!

Good luck to my fellows! all the best for 2010/11 season! get our trophy back!!

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