Friday, February 25, 2011


as mentioned by my pwincezz mata bulat via her blog, she had listdown her doctors for the 1st time since her preggy. they'r 3 doctors of them, well 2 of them have been familiar for us, but the one who's in Kuching, on April will be our 1st meeting, insyaAllah.

so, appointment with Dr. Su, done. and today? appointment with Dr. Asokan. s usual, both of it is a monthly basis appointment, but in terms of baby scanning, we do prefer with Dr. Asokan. for sure, its more clear. hihi...the main point is?? i just wanna meet my baby!!

ya, bile dr. dah start scan, ha...dapat tengok baby kami tu...wa!! sudah besar dia! seriusly suke pusing2 baby ni!! pusing sana, pusing sini. like pwincezz said, baby ni kalau time scan, mula la dia pusing2, suke kot orang dok tengok2 dia. hihi...

yang penting...doktor ckp baby sihat...alhamdulillah. tu yang nak sangat dengar n mummy to be, sihat2 selalu ok! i'm owes here for both of u!!

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UrBelovedWiffy said...

Hye hubby..hihi ye Lil Baby kte suke pusing2..sje la tu wat perangai ble org tgk die..hihi..nk tgk 'anu' dia main sorok2 lak..hihi..insyaAllah bln 4 ni kta jmpe doc yg aunty Lina aturkn tu..hope dia pun baik cam ddokto2 kte skrg..hihi..I LOVE U & U