Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recap : our departure to kota cinta!

ya, its been 2 days since i left my 'kota cinta' pwincezz n i have been there for 5 days, ya...s usual, ders nothing more i can say rather than memorable n happiness!!! hihi...

usually, once the moment end, we owes luk back when the 1st time we wanna start the moment. am i rite? for me, thats the tipz how to keep our memoriezz fresh, n owes make it continuously.

for that, i chose the collections of several captures on my departure to kuching, dated february 3rd, 2011. location, klia and flite no FY609.

otw to boarding hall...hihi

peace to skII

sitting while waiting to be called

ninja ready to flyyyyy!!

fire fly!! here we come!

have seen this? but in orange color...ur community airline

force to sleep before depart?
more to come after this!!!

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UrBelovedWiffy said...

oit oit..sje je..yay SkII..hihi...windu saat ni hubby..huhuhu...