Thursday, June 3, 2010 I come

Alhamdulillah...the times come..tomorrow I'll be heading to Kuching, Sarawak. My delegations will be assembled at LCCT around 7.15 am. We need to spare at least 2 hours before departure. All the luggages are well prepared & packed!

1130 pm..clock 'says' I shud sleep and no more wasting time. I have to ensure myself is totally ready. I have to wake up early, and open my eyes with smile on my lips. Thats the sign of happiness and gratefulness. It shows that everything happen in the day after tomorrow and future is just the beginning in new level of my life.

Wish my delegation have a safe trip. Depart and arrive safely to the destination.
Dear 'Aku Ada'...I wont be 'here' for a while. InsyaAllah..I'll be back once everythings done.
Dear friends and viewers...please pray the best for me, my pwincezz mata bulat & our family.

Till then...I off my pen.

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