Thursday, June 3, 2010

Specialized Packing Mission!!

10.15 am!! 3 Jun 2010!!
Alhamdulillah..aku masih lagi di sini untuk meneruskan ape yang perlu diteruskan. Misi kini hanya di garisan permulaan. Based on schedule, esok..aku & family akan berangkat ke kuching sarawak, pada waktu domestik 0945 am. ya, its true...definitely true that we r goin to kuching tomorrow!! aha!

Since last monday nite, I've started the packing mission. But since last week, I'm owes thinking bout wic luggage, how many, wat r the things to bring on?? I know its not gud to make it very last minute, but ya..its true again...smtimes doin smthing in 'urgency' is better den do nothing!! hihi...

Last nite, this mission continue..whereby the 'main things' oredy in the box baggages!! 'Mystique Red' lead the mission wic is oredy took 4 boxes, while for 'dulang' and other additional things in 1 box. so total?? yeah!! 5 boxes!! aha!!

During the mission, mama owes ask me..hows the progress...ya..i said, everythings ok..hihi. dont worry..(command answer). Kaklin & adek being a major role, packed 2 boxes (completed), and another 1 box is not fully packed. n will taking part later on. While me?? finishing filling up my 2 small luggages. Omos complete, n I really hope that there's nothing I left.huhuhu... InsyaAllah..for myself...I'll bring 2 trolley luggages, n 1 bag pack (my beloved MU bag).

Ya..until now...this mission still in progress...n it will be ended once we depart to LCCT. ya..its true.

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