Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Delegation

My pwincezz mata bulat owes update me bout her & family's preparation. So far, most of the big things are well prepared. All the plans goin smoothly, n now its more to complete certain things here n there. She said, many people came to her house to show their support n wanna be part of this big moment. In other words, they take this opportunity to meet the future bride..as mention by pwincezz...bakal 'peranten'..yang selalu goleng2 depan ruang tamu.

For my side, packing mission already started from now on until the day of departure. Ya, honestly a lot of things to bring, and the 'Mystique Red' will be the honour to lead my 'delegations' to Kuching.

As briefed by 'Chief de Mission', Tn. Hj. Shahidan last Sunday, he already informed bout the overall tentative which is before, during & after the event to the delegation members. I think they're clear and ready to do their part. InsyaAllah.

My delegations are:
  1. Ayah (Chief de Mission)
  2. Mama (Co-Pilot)
  3. Wak Yusak
  4. Wak Long
  5. Paksu
  6. Maksu
  7. Along Salina
  8. Ateh (TBD)
  9. Abang
  10. Kak Ayu + future baby
  11. Kaklin
  12. Awan
  13. Kak Ainun + future baby
  14. Adek
  15. Farhan
  16. Apak
  17. Ayie
  18. Affiq
  19. Athirah
  20. Alesha
  21. Aku Ada
Plus??MATRADERS. yay!!
  1. Bro Fizi
  2. Kak Maya
  3. Ladiezz Kickers
  4. CC Normah
  5. Kak Sanissah
  6. Kak Ina
  7. Cik Aida Zureen

Did I miss someone here?? ayah mama, blh tolong cek? i mean for our family part. hihi. I think its perfect! Before I'm going further, thank you so much to all of 'em for their support and for their..ya..for everything!! aha!!
Ya..3 dayzz to go before my delegation flying to Sarawak!!! Tik tok!! keep counting...

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