Monday, October 25, 2010

Life in Lao

Wrap up d moments...

1st time i've been here...ya ders nothing much det i'm expected rather than just being in a safe place, peace n harmony. 30 years behind Malaysia, dets d rite words to imagine Lao in our eyes. By looking d environment, they stil love in ortodox way, but 1 thing is...ya, der no hi-tech way of living, but mentioned by my bos, dey lived in peace, n harmony. dey have high-quality of living, means in the other side of living. dey didnt need luxury styles to keep gather wit their family.

during my trip to pakse, ders no other things around their homes, its just green environment, many bulls here n der, n oso dogs around d corner. dey oso have satelite tv, same like us...its realy luk like 'piring astro', but in Lao, dey called 'True Tv'. when i reached the village, i'v chance to luk at their schools, to our schools in malaysia, dey r so unlucky...some of dem still unable to have shoes to go to school. while rite here, majority of childrens able to bring handphones...mmm. its a fact.

Mekong river, its a benchmark, its their pride for being Laosian. its my 1st time as a witness for that such a great Allah's creation, one of the biggest river in d world. i tink its the biggest in Asia (correct me if i'm wrong). seriusly besar n luas sungai ni. n having a chance to be on d boat n go aloooong d river..fuh, its priceless bro. alhamdulillah, evrythings fine while i'm making this part of my exeperiences.

one more thing!!! coffee is laos, n laos is a coffee. hihi. laos is a coffee's heaven. don't eva come here without trying n having coffee. serious, evryone who loves coffee, u r most welcome! ders a lot type of coffees, premier coffee? arabic coffee? lao coffee? strong blend coffee? mcm2 ada!! hihi...if u ask me? ya, i'm less coffee, but i do like ice blended or frapuccino! and having it here...pegh...superb!

but, when i'm here, n far away from my beloved pwincezz mata bulat...its quite hard to take. unable to activate my international roaming, making it more difficult for me n my pwincezz to contact each other. while 'hippy' & 'zazi' try to make them usable for us! ya, alhamdulillah, we can make use of it. thanks to 'wifi' coz give us a chance to 'meet' each other via fb. even it just little moments, i feel so grateful of it. alhamdulillah.

to my boss, tq for this opportunity, coz giving me a chance to develope my experience, my work, n my personal. i do hope that ders owes a 2nd time n 2nd chance for me in my future.  insyaAllah.
to my pwincezz, tq for being strong while waiting me during the moments. ya, i face a tough times, but owes believe, i'm going for good...insyaAllah, later on.. der wil b a time for us...kte gi jalan2 ye, jauh2 skit ye...hihi.
to Allah...tq..i'm so grateful for being part of this..i cant wait for my 2nd chance...insyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah...for all this things det happened to me..

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