Friday, October 1, 2010


Mm...alhamdulillah...finally, I'v sent my indvidual report to the secreatariat. a little bit late, but i hope they will understand n consider d stuation. pls pls pls.

since aku dah hanta report untuk tugasan individu td, secara prinsipalnya selesailah sudah tugasan PTK untuk tahun 2010 ni. ya, this is my 2nd time, dan of coz harapan aku kali ni lebih tinggi dari yang sebelumnya. aku rasa aku dah buat yang terbaik, from A- Z, start from attending 4 seminars, buat summarize report...n then sit the writing exam, generic n functional, its quite hard coz a lot of things to read, to refer within a short time...after that...last week i've attended 2 days of individual assessment session, which is interview n presentation on daily tasks list. finally today, i've prepared n sent the final report as requested to complete the individual assessment.

puas hatinye dapat siapkan report ni, hop idea2 dalam report ni relevan!

fuhh...mencabar sungguh format PTK tahun ni. actually, we are the 1st batch yang amik PTK using this new format. theres a pros n cons, biasela tu. kalau dlu 100% marks kite depends on writing test, but this time it has been segregated to several elements as i mentioned above.

which i prefer? for me...aku lebih suke yang format baru ni. why? it depends on how u express urself in terms of self-potential. tapi yang pastinya, anything yang kite nak buat untuk our self-development, smart effort is the key. i've done my best, but i know...theres a lot of spaces to improve.


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