Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kelab Matrade 16th AGM

short notezz
for president & ajk's team well done for another great season of executions!!
for memberzz plus n improve our participations towards our beloved club!! as executers, based on past, we've done a good job!
for all those inquiriezz & explainationzz as expected, everybody have their own capacity, tq. at the same time, we gain some knowledge in terms of good accountability in every inchs of our responsibility.

i'm looking forward for 2011's season, let's hit it!!

venue jakarta room, 5th floor, east wing, menara matrade date 30th march 2011 time 1000am - 1200pm


NM02 said...

ai tak pegi angkat tepon. ahaksss

ZZnoor said...

huhu...xpe xpe, cinta pada tugas, tak bermakna akak curang pada kelab.. ahakzz!! hihi