Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nadzeef Wedding...

bro...sebelum aku i attached a little capturezz on ur wedding. ya, gambra memang sikit, but at least something rather than nothing rite? nt klau dah fully siap gamba2 ko, roger2 ye.

anyway, i wud like to say thanks, also on behalf of my wife n my frenzz..for inviting us to ur wedding. n i do believe that, even there's moreof ur frenzz especially from matrade, which is didnt have chance to attend, they will be owes pray the best n happiness for u bro! u seems happy with ur choice n u shud!! hihi..

insyaAllah, one day we will sit down together n share a lot of stories bout this new life..bout baby maybe? hihi...soon bro, insyaAllah...hihi..ur frenzz here in matrade especially send a special regards to u...

to my bro Nadzeef & ur wife Asma, selamat pengantin baru, dan moga berbahgia dan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat.

date: 5th March 2011
venue : dewan mpaj

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