Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before my party begin

Based on my previous meeting with my big boss and other collegues last few days, they've been mentioned bout my 'Bachelor Party'...which is actually just a gathering among us, Services Section members. I think this is our 4th time since we held for the first which is around December (ye ke?ye kot). It started when one of my boss, En. Idzham share this idea with all of us, that we need something that can make us ease, rilex, cheer ourself and out of the box from our work scope. hihi..

Terharu rasenya sbb my colleagues selalu bagi support. Kalau ada pape special occasion, diorang mesti happening. Dalam list kitorang, tahun ni insyaAllah 4 org among us dah & akan berkahwin. Firdaus, alhamdulillah..dah, which is January '10, aku...this coming 5th June, Nadia...october '10, n Tatak...december '10. This time, sampai turn aku, so diorg sume nak wat something special untuk aku. Ade makan2, karaoke, and ade simple games..

Masa party meeting td, menu and tugas2 sume dah dibahagikan. Again, En Idzham will be the mastermind!! Almost all of us terlibat, memang besh!! Hope everything going smoothly tomorrow. Menu dah redy, tentatif pun dah I'm just waiting the moment come. Mr Firdaus, one of my bestfren here...dah request nak berduet dgn aku...lets rock bro!! haha!!

I'm already inform bout this to my pwincezz mata bulat. She also excited & really impressed bout it. Probably, she also want to held a her own 'bachelor party' with her beloved frenzz. She already mentioned via her blog. hihi. She hopes that her frenzz can be part of it, and I know they will think & do something great!! Make it reality, simple but memorable!!

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pian said...

kene beli Ais & Buah Pisang dee...taw sempat tak..nk bkejar ke ampang g..