Monday, May 31, 2010

All White Momentzz

Love to review last week moments..
Where all my pwincezz mata bulat's best friends has organised a 'bachelor party' for her.
  • 1st dinner proposed by Pn. Suriati & Baby Thumbelina...
  • Venue : KFC, Kota Damansara
  • Date : 26th May 2010, Wednesday
  • Theme : White! Simple! Sweet! Memorable!

  • 2nd dinner or 'party'..proposed & superbly planned by Ladiezz Kickers & d' Sengetzz
  • Venue : Taman Metropolitan, Jalan Ipoh
  • Date : 27th May 2010, Thursday
  • Theme : White! 'Horror'! 'Illegal'! 'Wild'! Tremendous!

Credits to Nadi's fb page for the capturezz.


As part of this moments, I would like to forward my appreciations to all of them..Su & Baby Athi...Ladiezz Kickerss, Hajjar, Syaza, Farah, Ain, Syida & Emma...last but not least..d' Sengetzz, who is Nadi, Jaja & Jian yang sntiasa 'wild' dan 'digeruni' org2 sekeliling. aha!!

Special thanks to u guyzz, coz owes being der for my pwincezz mata bulat. I know she's so pleased bout this..having a precious moments with a group of persons who love her so much!! May this friendship will last forever. Amin.

May Allah bless all of us.. Syukran yazilan.


Nadnadnadnadnadiiiiii said...

zz senget laaa... nape horror...
tiba2 teringat bila sy n ajja suh pia peluk pokok, dia terkejut... "ee...ape ni??" hehe... tanx to zz yang banyak tolong kami org utk wat party yang tak berapa nak wild and bachelor tu kan... ;p cayangg sangat kowg suma~~~

~~lotsa love for both of u~~

ZZ said...

hahaha...'horror' sbb, sy hmpir2 gadoh ngn my pwincezz mata bulat tu,den party tu korang buat mcm 'mnyeramkan' skit la..hihi..
its ok, my pleasure..