Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Family Gathering (Part 2) : Chocolate Cake!!

Huhu...tepat 2.25 pm. Aku dapat gak mengadap PC tercinta, yang dah 3 tahun berkhidmat dengan aku. So far, PC ni ok je, masuk 'bengkel' baru sekali...kiranya tu kes paling terukla. Seminggu lebih masuk bengkel, and effect of that? many jobs pending.huhu. Heidi IT la yang banyak tolong aku masa tu. Tq Heidi!

Pagi tadi keje sangat banyak. As per email forwarded yesterday, I do have a meeting with my director at 8.45 am. Can't afford to have a break1st...I'm running out of time, and I'm just thinking to have some refreshment during a meeting. Aha! In other words? makan free le..hihi. Alhamdulillah rezki. I've been assigned as secretary for today's meeting. Suppose to be it will Firdaus turn, but suddenly he's so so?? I'm the one to replace's ok. I love to be secretary (yeah rite...).

Right after that?? teringat plak pasal summary report untuk 'talk' semalam. I have to send to CICD latest by 4 pm today!! no no no, kena siapkan cepat ni. Takleh tangguh2 dah. Talk bout topic yesterday, ya..many of us expecting different contents rather than what we've been heard & studied. "How to manage finance?". It was too technical & I think its just repeatable session for what I'm already attended previously. Anyway, its still a good session, the speaker was good & most important is? I already submitted my report..yay!

Aku sebenarnya still nak bercerita pasal family gathering last weekend. There's still 'unfinish business'..hihi. Last time I already talk bout steamboat...ya honestly sangat best, not just because of the menu that we had..but the moments which is involved everyone that given a big & postive influence into my yang paling besh. Alhamdulillah.

Ya..still in mother's day & advance birthday celebration. My sis, yang sangat superb comel, Edzlin Noor Shahidan, featuring Affiq & Athirah (my nephew & niece) dah siap pakai apron & bahan2 nak buat chocolate cake!! yay! best best!! Dah lama gila dia tak buat choc cake. Usually, she has a good track record in baking one of her favourite cake. Everyone has big expectations for her latest 'project', so kaklin? don't let us down. Aha!

Lunch already prepared by mama, and now all of us just waiting for the cake. I'm not sure how long it takes...but...ya, once it ready?? dap dap dap. sedap. This is the 1st time for my pwincezz mata bulat tasting the choc cake made by kaklin (peace sista). My pwincezz pun suka, and after this, hihi...pwincezz kena belaja ngn kaklin how to bake the cake ya? gud gud gud.'s simple but perfect!! Really perfect for me & my family. Doesn't took much time and money to make everythings happening, but its enough by doing it from our heart..which is as long as we understand..what we call love among us..our family.

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