Thursday, August 26, 2010

Budi bahasa budaya kita

bermula sempurna, sesudah lena, sesudah sahur, sesudah subuh, sampai ofis tepat pada waktunya. gud stat ha? ya, alhamdulillah. stat enjin miow, turn to 97.60 fm, owes be my no.1,! ease my mind wit wise musics. wat? lagu raya dah kuar? mm 16th ramadhan oredy, accepted.

hot chat?budi bahasa budaya kita. mm menarik. this issue raised when 'AG' has gone thru the actual situation, which is there's a non-wise malaysian can't even understand how to be polite in terms of communication. ya, honestly its one of malaysian weaknesses. not only him faced the facts, but? everyone of us rite?

de best part bila ade callers yang menceritakan pasal service p**zz* yang kurang or TAK memuaskan. i've been mentioned bout this yesterday kan? n now? ade malaysians yang bersetuju & bersependapat dgn aku. for me, when there's more than one that able to speak the same way, its enough to proof that malaysian most feveret restaurant actually unable to give the best services.

nak senyum pun susah? nak cakap thanks pun susah? ni baru contoh je, actually banyak lagi. anyway, its depend on us how be a gud malaysian. banyak carenye, dan salah satunye? berbudi bahasa. cubelah.

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