Thursday, August 19, 2010

Once pwincezz open her book recipe

i donno since when people stat asking her to unveil her 'secret recipe'. and today she's finally put up in her blog. look delicious der, how is it taste?? marvelous crampous!! terbaeekk dari la..?opss, my wife xsuke aku cakap words tu..hihi.

one of my officer, Kak Azni also intend to make the lasagna pia by herself. nampak sedap. sources? she read my blog. hihi. so, here it is..the way to cook, the ingridients, plus with words and tips by chef sofia to make it more easy, simple & happening while u r try to make it happen! complete!!

here the links to go der!!

so guyz, kindly take a look at it. sesape yg interested, boleh cuba. ders two types of interests, 1 is interest to try & make it by ur own, or 2...only interest to eat!! yesh yesh!! go go! for sure ders more recipe will be unveiled after dis..i cant wait, becoz? i am d 1st person who will taste it for a very 1st time. so yang lain? follow je ye..hihi.


Mrs Sayang said...

Hubby, tenkiu sesgt cz sentiasa suport sayang hubby ni ha..1st person yg akan judge mskan Sayang owez my hubby la..hihii...pasni kita try sumting new ye...

my-niezzareena said...

bagus dia rajin ke dapo. mudahan kekal sampai anak cucu. ahaksss

Mr Hubby said...

dont mention it. owes ur no.1 supporter!

kak iena:
alhamdulillah...insyaAllah...nk bykkan koleksi lg dlm buku resipe dia tu.klu akak ade, bg je kt pwincezz sy tu..hihi