Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pavi Pizza

its just around d corner. exam my pwincezz mata bulat dah dekat. i know she'll do d best. and i do realize she have a lot of things do, for her work, for her study..huhu. ya, of coz i'll give my hand as long as she needs. dont worry ye sayang.

mm..she asked me to have early dinner. soundz great! wer to? before she revert, i do have d answer. hihi. "jom mamam pizza.." last few days, she wanna have pizza, but at det time ders other things det we have to consider. so today, i just fullfill my promise.

yeah, we wore 'fresh' apparel once again! lite black & dark blue is our pick. to make it suit with d place, we went to 'pizza hut pavi'. hihi. way to venue? is it traffic jam?? heavy?? mm..as usual, jam is everywer in kl. we get use to it. but sriously, we hate it! aha!

ya, pizza never let us down. we had another great dinner. great doesn't means we need to have a candles, flowers, but as long as we felt happy for wat we r doin, i tink its enough.

at d same time...i'm owes thinking bout msg from kaklin. its update from mawar hospital. makngah's condition...counting d times...our prayers owes wit her.

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Mrs Sayang said...

Hye Hubby,
conok kn mamam kt Pavi...1st tym dating pun kt c2...byk je memory terindah wit Huby ni...mcm dh kenal bertahun2 plak ye..muahhh..tankz blnje n owez keep ur promiz...i love u Hubby...