Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm not feeling well

since yesterday...when i was 'tak ada', huhu...i feel so nervous thinking bout d exam. ya, a lot of things have to be done. bukan mengeluh but this is the fact when the exam times come. huhu. i did my best when i know det i was passed my jpa's even i took it in very 1st time. but after det, i donno why, its quite hard to feel d same way again.

kpsl, ptk... dets d platform wer i'm able to move from the place det i've been rite now. ya, i know its becoz of my qualification det wasn't gud enough, but it doesn't meant i won't moving anywer. so, any opportunity pass in front of me, i'll take it. but...until now, it stil can't make me smile.

dis morning, i seat d ptk exam for d 2nd time. ya, i think i'm push it too hard, but not too smart. i've tried to spend more time on revision, sleep late at nite, but ya...i donno, even it just 20% from d overall quota's mark, it still a percentage der. now, i'l focus on presentation stage. i will do my best! my very best! insyaAllah.

i'm not feeling well today...honestly, its a fever symptoms. ya, my wiffy omos recovered, n i?? huhu...i pray det i'l be fine soon. please please please...i wana feel gud during dis ramadhan. insyaAllah, i'll be fine. go away my flu, go away my bodyache. Allah, help me.


Mrs Sayang said...

Hubby, moga Hubby lulus dgn jayanya..try ur very best ya...i noe u can do it..keep ur spirit witchiu insyaAllah u can do it...Hubby, lps bbuke Hubby mamam ubt ye..den rehat ye...Malam ni kta terawih ye...muahhhhh..cian Hubby sayang ni tau...

Nadnadnadiiiiii'ku said...

cian zz plak demam... takpa2, pasni klo demam, manja2 n ngade2 plak ngan pia... hik hikk..