Monday, July 12, 2010

Again...3rd best

Ya..again, MATRADE Futsal Team (male) being the 3rd best for this year sports carnival 'Antara MITI & Agensi'. Honestly, we started very well, we won first 3 games in grouping stage...but then?? kicked out by MPC in semi-final? huaaaa...sedihnyeee...

In our final decide 3rd & 4th place (even I'm not playing), my colleagues shows their sprit until the last seconds...even we are trailing 2-0 at d early game, we finally brought d game into penalty kick (3-3). yesh!! we won!! Penawar duka...alhamdulillah...try again next year guyzz...and we will!!

For female team...u all memang besh, deserve to win, together with moral supports from the Matrade Fan Club (MFC), simply superb terbaeeekk sokongan yang diberikan. Last year, u all dpt 4th, n this time?? u r the champion gilrss!! vamoss!!congratulations!!!

Since mrs pwincezz mata bulat berehat thn ni, aku tau semangat dia selalu ada utk kwn2 dia..comel je bile tgk dia duk tepi court, xhenti2 bagi support utk team kesayangan dia.

Perjuangan belum selesai, we'll waiting for the football match this coming saturday! harap akan ada 1 keajaiban tahun ni, kami nk jadi juara!! MFC, please datang datang n datang beramai2, teruskan sokongan padu anda sume!! We'll give the best!! insyaAllah...

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