Friday, July 30, 2010

Where's my idea?

Mm...alhamdulillah, pagi2 lagi, dah dapat berkongsi rezki bersama sahabat2 Matrade. Hari ni, brek1st ditaja lagi...terima kasih banyak2 guys, moga murah rezki dan dipanjangkan usia. Diorang sume (penaja) dapat kenaikan pangkat, so det dis is way for them to share the enjoyment wit all of us. InsyaAllah, mudah2an ders a chance and time for me to be at their place one day.

After brek1st lagi, terus je jumpe big boss, to verify my paper work wic I've completed since last 2 days. So far, everythings ok. She's (my boss sume perempuan, hihi) impress wit my work, coz she acknowledge that ders a lot things to be done, but our team has well-manage all those tasks.

She keep remind us to keep in track wit all the pending tasks and try to complete it asap. So that, we have a chance to doing something new and expose ourself in terms of career development. Such as, managing 'big projects' like Specialize Marketing Mission & audit visit in overseas, huhu..its my dream..insyaAllah, one day. good buddy call??mm..ajak gi masjid rupenye..kejap je rasa, dah nak brek. Ok guyz, got to go. Selamat bersolat Jumaat.

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